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Brass Hardware for Historic and Architectural Wood Windows
INTRODUCING NEW SASH LOCK:  We're very pleased to present our new solid brass window sash lock. We've updated the traditional Fitch pattern lock with a larger lever to operate exceptionally smoothly and easily. This attractive lock features a forged brass base, lever and strike with an internal stainless steel mechanism that provides a positive stop in both the open and locked positions.
Brass Window Sash Lock.

"After comparing several types of sash hardware to supplement the old pieces in our late 19th-century house, we were delighted to find Smith Restoration Sash. The smooth finishes and solid weight of the their brass window hardware add the perfect final touch to our restored windows."

- - Jean in Philmont, NY

We are proud to offer the public a proven, integrated single line of architectural window hardware that really works.

Our long experience building reproduction windows and studying historic hardware has taught us what functions well and what doesn't stand the test of time.

Our premise was simple - - we built exactly the hardware that we wanted to install and use. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Sash Locks - Our new solid brass window sash lock has been resdesigned on the the traditional Fitch pattern. This lock with a larger lever to operate exceptionally smoothly and easily.

Sash Pulleys - We believe these to be the finest pulleys available in appearance, durability and function, bar none. Use of bronze sash chain with these pulleys virtually eliminates all maintenance to the weight and pulley system.

Window Sash Chain - We offer the finest brass, bronze and stainless steel sash chain in a number of different trade sizes. These chains function smoothly and will provide decades of trouble free service.

Window Sash Cord - We offer Genuine Samson "Red Spot" sash cord. Experienced builders know to look for the trademark "Red Spot" woven right into the cord. The cord is braided cotton over a nylon core to increase strength and reduce stretching.

Stackable Cast Iron Weights - available in 1, 3 and 5 lbs increments. These are ideal for large, heavy sash and in cases where existing single glazed windows are being retro-fitted to insulated glass!

Sash lifts - Beautifully made, solid brass. "Bail" type available in two sizes and recessed "cup" type. Available in 5 popular finishes.

Spring Bolts - Used to secure single hung sash. Our spring bolts are solid brass with a stainless steel spring, assuring trouble free service. In 4 finishes.

Storm Sash Hardware - For the flush or surface mounting of traditional wood storm and/or screen sash. All hardware is stainless steel.

Acro Numbering Tacks - Smith Restoration Sash has brought back the venerable Acro Numbering Tack, traditionally used to match removable wooden storm sash and screens to their respective window frames. Our tacks are made of the original "white brass" alloy.

Storm Window Stays - In the locked position, our stainless steel storm draw the storm window sash tight up against the stop or exterior casing, assuring a draft free fit. The stays can also be released to prop the sash open at the bottom for ventilation.

Sarco Glazing Compound - We are the authorized distributor for Sarco glazing compound. Sarco products are true modern glazing compounds which demonstrate elasticity that the old calcium carbonate putties lacked.

Architectural Series Pulley.

"I wanted to let you know that the sash pulleys are a huge success and the state architect has decided to specify your product for all of the Oregon lighthouse restoration work. Thanks for providing a great product."

-- Richard De Wolf, Founder Arciform LLC

Announcing our new PBB 250 Architectural Series Pulley, designed in response to our customer's expressed need for a high quality, reasonably priced 2-1/2" diameter pulley for their very best projects.

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